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[COM] Aerika's Aetherial Assault by CediFonei [COM] Aerika's Aetherial Assault :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 6 3 [COM] Cedren, The Strongest Dragonmoth (Colored!) by CediFonei [COM] Cedren, The Strongest Dragonmoth (Colored!) :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 11 2 [COM] Kaizer Quest: Cedi, Lv 15 Priest by CediFonei [COM] Kaizer Quest: Cedi, Lv 15 Priest :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 4 7 [COM] Pewpewpew Times 2 Times 2 by CediFonei [COM] Pewpewpew Times 2 Times 2 :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 6 2
Reveal Your Mask (OCP: Nae, of White-Mantis)
Sweet little mantis,
Follow me through the blossoms
Their soft aromas
Wind carries petals
Whistling a faint melody
Gently rocking trees
WhisPerIng Doubts And RuMors
Come, little mantis!
The rivers rise in fierceness
Sharing life with plants
Waters coarse strongly
Clashing and creaking in tune
With nature’s rhythm
UnLike Your ClumSy Pace
TripPing And FalLing EVeRy Step
Here, little mantis
The sun sets o’er the cliffside
Ease your weary legs
The light bends and dyes
The sky a beautiful hue
As the stars appear
Light Falls BeLow The Ground
DarkNess All ARound You
Your Friends and FaMiLy NoWhere WithIn Your Sight
All AlOne
Your WeakNess ReVealEd
The Winds And WaTers And Clouds Rage ARound You
PuShing You
ForCing You
AtTacKing You
CrippLing You
Why, little mantis?
Do these tears roll down your face?
What troubles your mind?
It is not my place
To pry inside of your heart
Yet I can’t turn blind
Do you fear your fate?
The rough road ahead of you?
Rejection? Remorse?
Or sell yo
:iconcedifonei:CediFonei 1 0
[BUM REQ] The Origin of Bug Life by CediFonei [BUM REQ] The Origin of Bug Life :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 14 6 [BUM REQ] Gardener Bug! by CediFonei [BUM REQ] Gardener Bug! :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 5 3 [BUM REQ] A customer draws near. Command? by CediFonei [BUM REQ] A customer draws near. Command? :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 3 0 [BUM REQ] Weremothra by CediFonei [BUM REQ] Weremothra :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 7 0 [GIFT] Ludren Sketch Dump by CediFonei [GIFT] Ludren Sketch Dump :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 17 7 [REQ] Chibi-Kaiju Warrior, Reporting for Duty! by CediFonei [REQ] Chibi-Kaiju Warrior, Reporting for Duty! :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 8 4 [COM] Training Buddies by CediFonei [COM] Training Buddies :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 11 6
Rising Above (Char poem: Cedi, Kaiju Warrior)
Nothing is enough
The struggle wears me rough
Breath getting in a huff
Dirt clutterin’ the fluff
I smile in a weak bluff
But it’s clear just how tough
That no matter how buff
Ya can’t lie to be gruff
And I grin ‘cause I’ll win
Not today, tomorrow, next week or year
But in a matter of time, I’ll be a force to cheer
Every time I see just a little more support
And the man I was the other day looks so short
Risin’ a little bit more with every trial and ordeal
Chipping at my dreams, making them closer to real
Every drop, sweat, spit, blast shapes and refines
My power into something that breaks its confines
Gettin’ stronger
Every day better
Fighting bigger
Every day tougher
What I was yesterday
I’ve surpassed in every way
Those who looked down on me then
I’ve dared again and again
You can look me in the eyes and try to guide me astray
But I can only see an even higher goal where you’v
:iconcedifonei:CediFonei 1 3
Beyond The Cloudy Void #3: Abduction
The ship hummed silently across the void of space, a soft flare behind it thrusting towards the great unknown.
Ingis stared out against the window, hands clasped around the metal desk before it. His reflection within the glass grew foggier, his breath battering it. The air was thinner. The air was more dry. A sickening metallic stench permeated it. He reached a hand out-
“Don’t touch anything”.
The alien plainly reminded him, leaning against the wall with her many arms crossed. He hesitated, and quietly set his hands as far away from the blinking squares imbued within the desk as he could. He stared at his quivering reflection.
And he saw hers, too. The stern narrowing of her beady yellow eyes. The impatient tapping of her boots. The disappointed frown of her mandibled mouth. The drooping of her antennae. The scratches on her moss-green body. The wrinkles in her shadow-black cloak as she hunched herself up. An expression of the body that seemed… almost like that
:iconcedifonei:CediFonei 1 2
[COM] Noble Alchemist by CediFonei [COM] Noble Alchemist :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 3 3 [COM] Giving a Good Look by CediFonei [COM] Giving a Good Look :iconcedifonei:CediFonei 20 2


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… because if a fifty ton bug monster guy says he wants to write a story, you don't simply tell him he can’t do so. Especially when it's already written.

That's right, the next few installments of Giant Strange Beasts are finally ready! I have many thanks for my friends who helped me review and edit this story, :iconhawkye:, :icon1rtrta:, and Shane T.C. from Twitter!

It’s a very long arc compared to every individual upload I’ve written before, totally up to about 10K words. That would be a lot to read in a single sitting, so I’m not uploading it all at once. Instead, I’ll be uploading it throughout the upcoming week. The first part will be uploaded on Sunday (July 23rd), the second part will be uploaded Wednesday (July 26th), and the third part will be uploaded Saturday (July 29th).

I’m extremely grateful for the friends who have expressed interest in this project of mine, and to all who will read it, I hope you enjoy it!

Have you ever thought about just how giant and strange the world is? How things we take for granted today would have been considered miracles in the past? How we toy with skills we don’t fully understand because that seems like the norm to us?
Well, I sure have. Let me tell you something ‘bout where I come from.
You see, really, really long ago- like, ‘before civilization existed’ long ago- there were no kaiju. Everyone was just an ordinary monkey, or an ordinary lizard, or an ordinary fish, or bird, or bug, or what have you. But that all changed when the True Kaiju arrived on the world. Huge beastfolk with weird powers. Powers that could change the world. Powers that could shape it. Powers that could destroy it. Maybe even remake it.
We don’t know what the True Kaiju did with those powers. What we do know is that they did, uh… stuff with us little folk. And then babies happened. Babies that looked just like our ordinary folk… at first. But when these babies faced the harsh reality of growing up and all the stress that comes with it, something weird happened. They got bigger than other people. They got stronger. They got fiercer. And they got powers. Nowhere near as big or strong or etcetera as the True Kaiju, of course, but much moreso than anyone else. And the harder they worked at pretty much anything, especially fighting? The bigger, stronger, fiercer, and more powerful they got. They could go back to being a normal person in the blink of an eye… and transform into those powerful ‘half-kaiju’ forms almost just as easily. The half-kaiju were born.
Nobody knows where the True Kaiju went after that. But the half-kaiju got busy. The smaller people put responsibility on the half-kaiju, and civilizations formed. While villages developed, the children of the half-kaiju chiefs were found to be born with just as much kaiju-ness as their half-kaiju parents were. And so were their children. And their children’s children. And so on, so on. People were grateful for how these powers were able to help them, expanding into towns and cities. The memories of the True Kaiju were hailed as gods. Some especially powerful half-kaiju crowned themselves as god-kings, leaving their ever expanding empires against their rivals on a never ending conquest, honing their colossal bodies and strengths even further. These kings tried to monopolize their power, hoarding most half-kaiju within their courts of nobility, attempting to keep peasant half-kaiju from recognizing their own powers.
But those dark ages didn’t last long. It didn’t take long after the invention of the printing press for the public to remember the truth of their powers. Revolts sparked with half-kaiju visionaries at the vanguard, and their mundane allies as surprisingly skilled supporters. For as the ages passed, non-kaiju became clever in their understanding of the world. They learned that even the mightiest of giants had weaknesses. An atlas’ heel, as it were. But after countless bloody revolts, conflict had slowed down. The development of technology and philosophy became the great equalizer between the two types of people.
Today, half kaiju are more abundant than ever. So much so, that nobody really thinks about the meaning of these powers all that much anymore. Churches of the True Kaiju still stand strong, but most half-kaiju aren’t as arrogant to call themselves demigods… most people. Many half-kaiju either ignore or don’t care to know their powers, as the power to bench press a dozen trees ain’t gonna help you with your IT degree. Non-kaiju are just as likely to stand in positions of power as half-kaiju… in most countries. We’ve lived with the half-kaiju for countless centuries, after all. They’re just people like anyone else. People who happen to be giant, strange beasts.
But some cling to their old traditions, or at least parts of them. Some still exalt this power as an ancient gift that defines and shapes the world. Even as more half-kaiju walk among us every day, some celebrate this power as a rare, unique gift. It seems silly, doesn’t it?
I think it’s more silly if you think it’s normal for an insect to fire sun lasers from his hands. And let me tell you why that is...

Remember Giant Strange Beasts? That series of short stories I started last year and has been on hiatus after its first two installments since? I have some things to announce about it!

Originally, I intended GSB to be a story centered around Cedi's life, to flesh out the weird world I have in mind for him. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Cedi, as I intend to write him within it, is a very limiting character to base a worldbuilding series of short stories around. Plus, Cedi is still a self-insert of myself and all, which limits my willingness to experiment with him even moreso. Especially since one of the things I've wanted to tackle with GSB is the deconstruction (and reconstruction) of various power fantasies, but Cedi really only feels appropriate for so many of them. As such, I've decided that soon, GSB will become a series of one-shot short stories revolving around another character each time, with the occasional reference between them, but Cedi will not be a central character in those stories.

For my friends and anyone else who thinks Cedi is actually kinda cool, though, I still plan to write about Cedi's smaller, personal adventures within the GSB universe, too! They'll simply become a side series of stories involving his individual shenanigans, parallel to the tales of heroics from the rest of GSB. But before those personal adventures become outstanding enough to warrant any such thing, I've felt for a long time that I needed to give Cedi's character a new direction. Something to fill in some holes I've left in previous entries, something to really challenge my reasoning for casting him as a "main character" of sorts, something to truly accomplish my goal of making him more interesting than a typical self-insert character. Thus, before I tell any other stories through GSB, I have a three-part plot arc to tell revolving around Cedi and his exploration of a few more aspects of his world. An arc to detail his personality development, growth, and motivations.

The good news? All three chapters of this arc already have rough drafts! They still need a lot of review and editing, but I'm relieved to finally be so close to the point of continuing to tell the story of my overgrown moth dork and the giant, strange world he lives in! Expect these chapters to be uploaded by the end of the month!

Also, happy belated 4th of July! Please explode responsibly, no matter what time of year!
[COM] Aerika's Aetherial Assault
Another :iconblackhook: commission, this time portraying the protagonist of my Mana Archive story, Aerika the android! I love her design here, but I've been hesitant to upload this here for a long time because I've put the story on hiatus. It's a tale I still am interested in telling, but it's put far on the backburner for a while, and this particular image portrays her doing something... arcane. That's right, Aerika's not just a robot, she's a magic robot! My hesitance to upload this mostly came from the hiatus plus the fact I considered it just a little bit of a spoiler, but really, most of my friends know I'm a sucker for the concept of robot mages, and simply the act of using magic doesn't really indicate anything plotwise.

EDIT: Forgot a link to BH's upload!…

Aerika © :iconcedifonei:
© :iconblackhook:
[COM] Cedren, The Strongest Dragonmoth (Colored!)
You're surprised, aren't you? That a moth and a dragon could achieve fusion? After all, don't the subjects in question need to be comparable in body, mind, and spirit in order to use this power to its fullest?

Well, if you go by conventional examples, you might be correct to not believe my presence. But my original selves are anything but conventional. In spirit, my moth self was dedicated to constantly surpass his current self, driven by a passion to excel. Much like my dragon self. My moth's increasing power driven by spirit that, much to my benefit, constantly honed and refined that moth's body, building it up to the same gigantic height that stands before you now. Much like my dragon self. My dragon's mind that understood the value and preciousness of smaller life, yet was prone to playful mischief. Much like my moth self.

In other words, I would rather you not assume that an insect is so unlike a drake. Or need I remind you who you stand before?

I am the bodies of the moth and the dragon, combined. I am the minds of the moth and the dragon, melded. I am the spirits of the moth and the dragon, multiplied.

I am Cedren.

I paid :iconkaizer33226: again to color in the previous sketch, and the result... well, if you've seen any of my previous commissions by him, you know how much I gush about his work, and this is no exception! The previous sketch will be moved to Scraps.

If you like this, please check out Kaizer's Twitter submission HERE (…)

Cedi © :iconcedifonei:
Ludren © :iconludren:
Art © :iconkaizer33226:
[COM] Kaizer Quest: Cedi, Lv 15 Priest
"Hey, didn'tcha hear me? I said, hand it over".

A small rat-child quivered in the back of the alley, a band of knife-armed goons slowly advancing as the child ran out of room.

"I-I already told you! I don't even have anything!"

"That's what you rats always say..." the coarse ruffian shook his head, his shady cloak flopping between the shadows of the alleyway and his face. "Just do it already".

The knives lunged forward.


A vivid light pierced the darkness.

The light faded.

The rat was gone.

"You... do you truly have anything to gain from preying on a child?" A deep voice echoed.

A large light appeared from the streets. The earth seemed to tremble lightly as it advanced. A muscular frame brushed into the alleyway, clad in priestly garments. His wings folded, the saintly glow bending with them. The rat's silouhette stood awestruck behind his rescuer's leg.

"Oh crap... the Priests're here".

"You idiot!" The leader hissed at his goons. "You scared of some musclehead who sits and reads books all day?"

"Go, child". The priestly moth gently turned his head. The rat recomposed himself, sprinting off as fast as he could scurry. "I ask you again. What do you have to gain from preying on a child? Money? Fear? Strength?"

"Hey, you're on the side of the law. We didn't touch him. What're you gonna do about it?" The punk slithered forward, his men surrounding the priest. "Gonna preach us to death? Oh wait, His Holiness wouldn't like that, would he? You know how much heck rats have been giving us all for years? Takin' our stuff, avoidin' taxes? We're just taking more initiative since you're so crap at your job, ya know?"

"... I see", the moth nodded. "So you refuse to listen to reason".

"Ya don't even practice what ya preach, huh?" The leader hissed. "If ya really wanna protect this punk, how about we-"

The moth punched the snake in the gut.

The snake hissed, recoiling in pain.

"I thought you were perhaps just an impovershed peoples desperate to survive under a cruel economy..." the moth's voice growled with anger. "I had hoped you could see the error of your ways. Yet you've shown me you take pride in refusing to obey your own definition of right. Commiting murder under the pretense of profit when you don't even have that to gain. Exploiting the hate of others to justify your lust for power! Relying on shoddy, hypocritical logic to shake your enemies' faith!?" The clergyman furiously roared.

"Dude... is he... is he gonna kill us?"

"What're you waiting for?" The snake sputtered. "Kill him!"

The moth stretched a hand out towards his back, grasping the giant, cross-shaped blunt instrument upon it. He cracked two of his knuckles. His last hand formed a magic sign, his wings hummed with energies, the ruffians hesitant to stare at their holy glow.

"Of course I won't kill you", his voice seethed with anger. "But I refuse to allow your fearmongering hate to poison this city any longer!"

:iconkaizer33226: recently opened up for chibi RPG-class themed commissions on his Twitter. I couldn't help but want to jump on the opportunity while I could, but with a less orthodox class choice for Cedi... and then I remembered the Priest from Dungeon Fighter Online, my personal favorite MMO ever, who for some reason is the most swole class in the game. Suddenly what seemed like a very silly class choice also became very appropriate for the big guy!

If you like this, please check out Kaizer's Twitter submission HERE (…)

Cedi © :iconcedifonei:
Art © :iconkaizer33226:
Dungeon Fighter Online Priest © Neople

… because if a fifty ton bug monster guy says he wants to write a story, you don't simply tell him he can’t do so. Especially when it's already written.

That's right, the next few installments of Giant Strange Beasts are finally ready! I have many thanks for my friends who helped me review and edit this story, :iconhawkye:, :icon1rtrta:, and Shane T.C. from Twitter!

It’s a very long arc compared to every individual upload I’ve written before, totally up to about 10K words. That would be a lot to read in a single sitting, so I’m not uploading it all at once. Instead, I’ll be uploading it throughout the upcoming week. The first part will be uploaded on Sunday (July 23rd), the second part will be uploaded Wednesday (July 26th), and the third part will be uploaded Saturday (July 29th).

I’m extremely grateful for the friends who have expressed interest in this project of mine, and to all who will read it, I hope you enjoy it!


CediFonei's Profile Picture
Cedi the Cedi
United States
I'm a guy who pretends to be a mothman on the Internet while throwing money at people who have actual artistic talent. In other words, this is a watching/commissioning account for the most part. But I dabble in writing fiction, so you might see me actually create something once in a while!


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